Camouflage Dresses

Tips For Incorporating Camouflage Dresses Into Your Theme Weddings

It is a great idea that you want to incorporate camouflage dresses into the theme of your wedding. A camouflage theme is ideal for you if you are a military man or a hunter who is looking to his put passion on show. However, you need to take some steps if this type of dress is to fit perfectly into your theme. In the following paragraphs, you will find great ideas on how you can showcase your lifestyle.

A good starting point is the venue of the wedding. You need to know that your camouflage wears will look out of place if other things around there do not speak the same language as your dress. Therefore, it necessary that the decoration at the venue of your wedding complements the dress you are putting on.

The most assessable location for this theme wedding would an outdoor venue in a conservation area or a local park. The atmosphere provides a decent color backdrop to your wedding. In addition to that, the trees, bushes and moss around provide a camouflage countryside to host the theme of the wedding.

The next thing that you want to do is to choose a perfect combination of camo attire for wedding. It would be great to incorporate various camo colors into the bridal party suits and dresses. For the bridesmaid, simple green and brown combination would do just good. The groomsmen should put on simple camo vests and ties while the groom may put on the entire camo attire.

You also need to make sure that the venue decor hosts the theme wedding. You would be displaying your passion in a great way by purchasing camo tablecloths. You also want to have archways covered with moss crowned with deep green candles. However, if the venue decor is to fit in perfectly, then you should give the job to a contractor who deals with military decorations.

Your wedding cake is another thing in which you need to incorporate the theme of the wedding. A deep green or brown should be incorporated throughout the cake unlike the traditional white cake. The cake should be topped with bouquet of light green, fawn and white flowers in place of the conventional bride and groom.

You wedding gifts should be nothing short of camouflages. A camo cap is a popular gift at camo themed weddings. However, there several other types of gifts that will complement your theme. The best way to choose a camo gift for your wedding is to consider the class of people that will be seated. You should consider what would appeal to them. It does not have to be something expensive.

Your composure on the wedding day should match with the theme of the wedding. Since you are going to have a camo themed wedding, then you should make sure that your steps shows that you are a passionate military man. If you put everything in place accordingly including the camouflage dresses, then you are about to have the best camo themed wedding that you can ever imagine.